Current Price List 
Traditional Scale Solid Paint Job:   
(no dappling.)   
Traditional Scale Solid Paint Job:   
(includes dappling if desired, please specify.)
Traditional Scale Dappled Gray:    $175.00
Traditional Blanket Appaloosa:
(Blanket appy only, white on hindquarter area, not to extend past mid-barrel)
Traditional Pinto/Paint, Less White:                                                                                
(30% or less white area, please email reference if in question.)
Traditional Pinto/Paint, More White:                                                                              
(More than one third of body to be painted white.)
Traditional Scale Rose Grey:                                                                                           
(Any Shade)
Traditional Scale Leopard Appy:                                                                                    
(Black Leopard Only)
Is this model already prepped to your satisfaction, and in grey primer?    No          Yes    
If not, please add $30 for prepping. 
No "rough" finish prepping (horses not sculpted with smooth finish.) 
*Please email with name of model and sculpting artist to see if your model qualifies.
EXTRA CHARGES MAY APPLY ON OVERSIZE MODELS. Oversize models include many drafters and rarely, very large Traditonals.

Extra price will vary depending on color, and may be as minimal as $10 to as much as $30 for larger horses with extensive dappling or pinto markings.

EXTRA CHARGES MAY APPLY ON PINTOS. Most pintos seen day to day in pastures and stables will be covered with above prices.

However, price does not include extremely elaborate or difficult patterns, feathery edges to spots, or "ink spotting" inside of Tobiano markings, and does not include dappling to solid areas of color. Extra charges include $25 for dapples in addition to spots. Feathery edging, ink spotting, and extremely elaborate designs will be priced hourly depending on difficulty of pattern.

How to Order:
Before you order, please read the next page for helpful hints and instructions! After you have contacted me to reserve your space, send your model, your reference, and check including return shipping. If the model is to be sent directly from another artist or company, you may send references along with payment in a separate envelope.

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